How To Start Dating Again

How to start dating again can be extremely daunting if you’v been “out of the game” for a while.

First of all, how do you know you’re even ready to date?

If you’re:

  • Still checking your ex’s FB account/social media.
  • Hoping one day you’ll get back together.
  • Comparing everyone you meet to your ex.
  • Holding the belief that all men/women are jerks.
  • Still hanging out with your ex from time to time/or their stuff is still at your place;

You’re not ready to start dating.

If you:

  • Feel comfortable alone (for the most part). You don’t feel you NEED a relationship to make you happy. You’re content being with yourself until the right one comes along.
  • Had enough time to grieve your previous relationship (only you know how much time you need). You have taken the time you need to feel those feelings from your breakup and have moved forward.
  • Are emotionally available. You do not hold any resentment or any strong feelings for your ex at all.

You’re ready to start dating.

So, now that you know you’re ready to start dating?  How do you start dating again?

How To Start Dating Again:

First, make a list of what you’re looking for in a partner. The list may have changed now that you have gone through a breakup. Be real. Write down everything you’re looking for. While you’re there, make a list of what you bring to the partnership.

Next, enlist your friends. Ask your friends to go out with you. Just being out in public puts you in proximity to meet new people and potentially your future partner. Ask your friends if they have any great single friends they could set you up with. Your friends are great matchmakers because they know you and they know your past relationships.

Go online/Hire a Matchmaker/Try speed dating. Put yourself out there; try lots of new dating avenues. You never know where or when you’re going to meet your partner. Being open to trying new things is critical when you’re just starting out again. Single In The City has a great matchmaking service, for more information click here. Also, here is a link to our speed dating events, click here.

Take it slow. You want the right one for you, not another breakup situation. Take your time, take it slow. Use this time to meet lot’s of new people, AND

HAVE FUN! Dating is about having fun. A lot of people forget that. If you feel you have to force it and you’re on a mission for a husband/wife, you have missed the point. You’re not going to meet the right one by forcing things and you’re certainly not going to be a fun date if the other person feels like their being interviewed for your next wife/husband slot. As much as you can, go with the flow. The right person will come in for you when you just let things unfold organically.

Now you have your how to start dating again tips, you’re ready to go! Call up a friend, sign up for Single In The City’s next speed dating event! Enjoy this fun time, the next person you meet could be that special someone!

By sitcadmin | August 19, 2015
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