How Your Image Impacts Your Dating Life

This week on the Dating and Relationship Show, I was joined by Kimberly Seltzer, a Los Angeles-based relationship and makeover expert. She has helped thousands of people find love using a unique outside-in approach to help them build lasting relationships, as well as develop true confidence. Together with comedian Peter Anthony and radio producer Vince Tedesco, we chatted about wardrobe essentials for men and women, social media and how to create chemistry.

It’s important to address that there is a powerful connection between your outward appearance and the way that translates to the way you feel internally. Loving what you see when you look in the mirror is crucial for healthy body image – a healthy body image is the key to creating a love connection.

When you love you, others will too.

According to Psychology Today, people with low self-esteem tend to underestimate their partner’s love and view their partner in more negative terms. As such, they report “less satisfaction with their relationship and less optimism about its future.”

In order to find love, you need to do the work. Relationship expert Matthew Hussey posted a quote on Instagram that I feel truly resonates with this idea. He wrote “one of the most loving things you can ever do for your future partner is to work on yourself until you meet them.”

People lacking in self-love may end up entering negative relationships and may even stay with partners who don’t treat them well or meet their needs. This is why it’s crucial to develop high self-worth. An instant way to achieve this is to develop your image into one you’re proud to present to the world. As cliché as it may sound, when you look good, you feel good.

Therefore, focusing on fashion is a great start to rev up your dating life. The truth of the matter is that human beings are visual creatures.

Typically, the first thing a woman looks for when she sees a man is whether or not his image screams success. Men on the other hand tend to immediately gauge whether or not they find a woman sexually attractive. Your image is a first impression, and it can determine whether a first date leads to more. In fact, your dating success can increase by 55% based on your wardrobe alone.

Many will argue that fashion is a surface-level element to dating, but hear me out. The aspects of your personality that make you attractive to a potential partner is learned in time with continued interaction – on the other hand, the visual aspect of who you are is instantaneous. You can create an instant connection! And keep in mind that there are multiple aspects to chemistry: emotional, mental and physical. Each aspect is equally important.

Here are some wardrobe essentials to get you started:

For men: fitted dark wash jeans, a nice button down shirt in a color that complements you, a leather jacker, good shoes (dress shoes and also a great sneaker with some personality).

A side note for men: proper grooming is essential.

For women: a leather jacker, a few well-fitted dresses (a weakness for a lot of men), anything that is simple but complimentary to the figure. Typically, men prefer solid colors to patterns. You can also never go wrong with a great heel.

For both women and men, the most important thing is finding pieces that fit your body.

To learn more about the different ways you can create your image and also how to use social media to market yourself, tune into the latest episode ofThe Dating and Relationship Show.

By sitcadmin | February 21, 2019
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