Law of Attraction and The Romantic Life of an Enlightened Warrior (Part 2)

In this next issue on the romantic life of an Enlightened Warrior I’d like to address how to achieve confidence in the dating world.

  Let’s first set up the scenario, the Enlightened Warrior is getting ready for their date and by that I mean mentally, emotionally and physically.  As mentioned in the last installment blog, Law of attraction would bring someone who is connected to everything they encounter, they look to inspire and know the inner self is as important as the outer experiences and look to better themselves in both.   Listening from their heart is of extreme importance and will pay full attention to the date.  They will dress to impress which will match their personality.  Fear will never enter the picture and if any signs of fear show up from the other person red flags do get triggered. Past success’ and future possibilities are always focused upon when warranted. They will create a great conversation of confidence and will be direct.  Humour is also a trait an Enlightened Warriors date enjoys and seeks.  Think of it like Enlightened Warrior meets Enlightened Warrior as Law of Attraction determines.  Like energy always attracts like energy!

So how does one increase their confidence level to achieve the desired state of an Enlightened Warrior?

The strategy to consider here is based on Freud’s ego model.  He stated that everyone has an id that creates desires, a superego that records all past success’ and punishments and an ego to help create a homeostatic state.  Keeping this in mind the first thing to do is tap into past rewards by asking the question “Why am I successful?”.  This very question will start the process towards confidence and open a possibility way of thinking.  After this, the next level is to consider the unknown variables that can happen on a date.  An Enlightened Warrior trusts in the Universe and Law of Attraction knowing great experiences are waiting to be discovered.  In this stage the mind is filled with two words “I Can”.  The third level is now to tap into appreciation of themselves and the tools they will utilize to make sure the date flows smoothly.  They will be thankful for who they are and the situation being set up knowing everything is happening in the right place at the right time every time.  The fourth level now is to create motivation for the date by tapping into future possibility thinking and visualizing the experience.  The more details and senses used during the visualizing process the better.  The last stage is to commit to the date experience 100%.  Here all the focus is on being fully engaged with no hesitations.  Worry, doubts and concerns are released and peace, harmony and joy are the only things entering an Enlightened Warriors mind because they fully embrace the law of attraction and synchronicity process.

The next time you are getting ready for a date and want to develop more confidence to show up with a sense of purpose, commitment and engage the experience start applying the above concepts.  The more you apply these concepts, the more you will start to live them.  It is your choice to be an example of greatness so help others by helping yourself.  They will see a light on within you and will want to learn more.

About Neil Goldhar

Synchronicity Guide, Speaker and Author for over 6 years and created a synchronicity guidance program focusing on activating your synchronicity code. I helped create over 150 events in 2013-2014 on different topics ranging from spiritual, social, business/networking and improvisational acting.

I earned a diploma in Marketing Administration, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Human Resources Management.


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