The Law of Attraction & The Romantic Life of an Enlightened Warrior

I want you to think of a date that went amazingly well or you heard of a date that went great.

The person you were on a date with was probably considerate, connected and really listened to every word you said, was engaging because they knew the moment with you was the best place to be, had a great sense of humour, you felt they were a passionate person, they were living on purpose and they had confidence in seizing life and opportunities.  If you have experienced or heard of this type of person, you were witnessing an Enlightened Warrior and the law of attraction in action.


These types of people are connected to everything they encounter, they look to inspire and know the inner self is as important as the outer experiences and look to better themselves in both.  Enlightened Warriors will listen from their heart rather than hearing from their head, they will pay full attention to the date rather than think about past experiences or future goals.  When they do tap into the past or future it’s there to help with the date looking for ways to make it better by seeing past success’ and future possibilities. They will create a great conversation because they come from confidence and will let go of any worries, doubts or concerns that lead to fear and insecurities.


When preparing for the date they will dress to impress, they will prepare and plan the perfect place and research how to make the date meaningful.  They will come from integrity and respect and know also how to spice up the date in the right ways.  Love and trust is always at the forefront and know they are always in the right place at the right time every time. The Enlightened Warrior will use the law of attraction to receive the best dating situations.


So the question is how to become an Enlightened Warrior and use the law of attraction successfully?


When you can learn to put your soul in the driver’s seat and your ego in the passenger seat an Enlightened Warrior state is achieved.  This means coming from your heart first and your head second.  When on the date, be in the moment knowing this is what’s most important and when preparing for the date look at what worked well in the past and the amazing experiences that will be accomplished.  I have heard of many stories where the date went astray and usually it was because our ego’s were in the driver’s seat.  In this mode, we mentally create one of two options either we are insecure riddled with fear or we look to dominate the date.  We need to understand our ego’s take over when we think we aren’t safe to be ourselves and authentic.  To be authentic requires a certain level of vulnerability and we think we could get hurt.  Vulnerability is also the place where we have the best chance for success because we come from a place of service and contribution rather than status, recognition and competition.


By sitcadmin | March 3, 2015
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