Make Love Last in Long Term Relationships with 3 easy ways

Making love last in long term relationships is something that people often struggle with. Relationships get to a point where they become stagnant, typical and boring which may bring upon feelings of not being in love anymore. Relationships take a lot of work and it starts right from the beginning.

Here are three suggestions on how you can make love healthy and last in long term relationships:

Make Time for Each Other: People become so comfortable with each other that they forget that they still need to spend time together. Stress from your job, recreational activities or friends can have a huge impact on your relationship and take away time that can be spent between you and your partner. Balancing your schedule and making time for your significant other is very important. Remember, relationships are a two way street and this step must be taken by both parties to increase your chances of making love last.

Keep Things Interesting: Now that you made time for each other, experiment and try new things. Keep things interesting and you’ll have more things to talk about!

Couple enjoying themselves
Make things interesting!

One of my favourites that helped me in my relationship: Take that much needed vacation to an unfamiliar destination where you don’t know anybody and only have yourselves to rely on. You can do virtually anything as long as you are with each other and the only focus is the other person. Make it special; make it between the two of you.

Romance / Intimacy: Sexual intimacy is a big part of having a healthy and happy relationship. It’s key to spice things up once in a while. Fulfill the sexual fantasies of your mate as well as trying out different facets of sexuality such as role playing, phone sex, sex toys and different sexual positions. This can lead to exciting bouts of physical intimacy as well as sexy, memorable times with your partner for years to come.

Following these three steps can help you make your love last in long term relationships. Nobody said relationships were easy but, they should definitely be fun and feel worthwhile. Always be true to yourself; If you truly love someone then really try and make it work. If you find will all your hard work that its sill not working out, then perhaps it may be time to make some important changes in your life.


By sitcadmin | June 21, 2012
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