Men Who Can’t Commit

If you have ever fallen for a guy that isn’t fully present in the relationship and only has one foot in, then keep on reading. Men that can’t commit can be so frustrating and can even sometimes make you feel like it is something you are doing wrong and that you need to make changes. Sometimes you need to take a minute and assess the situation and decide if the relationship is going anywhere or if it’s better to take a break for your own happiness.

Even as dating coach and match maker I find myself questioning things and I have to reach out to other fellow match makers for advice. Sometimes when you are giving your all and the other party isn’t even giving half you begin to doubt yourself and questions arise that may be hard to answer. If your gut is telling you something but you really want another outcome you start looking for answers and solutions to make things work out, when in reality you should listen to your instincts.

So, what do we do if a guy is only opening the door to their heart a little but won’t actually let us in? Here is the advice that I find will help answer all those little questions that keep you up at night, all because you are spending time with the wrong man, A MAN WHO CAN’T COMMIT.

Is it you? Is it your fault? NO! Sometimes people are going through things or have a past that they can’t let go of and they think leaving you on the outside is the best way to deal with it. Maybe he just doesn’t want to drag into it. This can also be known as a damaged man. You can try being patient and see if things change, but if not then you need to reconsider. Don’t make excuses for their behaviour and don’t accept excuses for being treated any less than you deserve.

If someone is stringing you along it is important not to get angry. When you get angry with someone, it is not an attractive trait, be short with them, don’t reach out multiple times, reach out once, if they come back to you, they do, if they don’t , then they don’t and it is probably for the best.

Th best piece of dating advice that I’ve ever been given is..” if they like you you’ll know if they don’t you will be confused.” And that is honestly all you need to know.

I know a lot of us like myself are naturally inclined to help people, we want to save ppl but you know that this isn’t your job to fix other people, you have to figure it out on your own.

Be mature, set boundaries’ and set standards for yourself. Don’t allow another person to make you feel any less than you are.

Always remember that you deserve the best and don’t settle for less!

By sitcadmin | September 26, 2019
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