You and Your Partner Are Moving In Together: What’s Going to Happen?

Are You and Your Partner Thinking About Moving in Together?

Maybe you and your partner have been going out for months or years and are deeply in love and want to move your relationship to the next level. In the 21st century, that next level is moving in and living with the person. Seems simple right? Wrong. Moving in together is a big deal and you probably don’t want to mess it up, here are some facts and tips:

1) Things are going to change: You’re going to be with this person more often and living with someone new means that a lot of things are going to change. You’re going to learn things you never knew about before such as their favourite shows, their annoying habits and much more. Some things you’ll like and others things you may not. You need to ask yourself “Can I live with these annoying habits and can they be easily addressed and remedied?” Just remember, nobody’s perfect so try not to make a huge deal out of everything especially if they have other great qualities.

2) Responsibility: Living with someone means that a lot of new responsibilities will arise. You’ll be looking after your new living space and in most cases you’ll be responsible of letting your significant othermoving in together know of your whereabouts. Yes, someone will be keeping closer tabs on you. Constantly coming home at whatever time you please without telling your significant other where you are or what you’re doing will probably not go over too well.

3) Space: This can be a big issue if you’re not prepared for it when moving in together. Giving them space is a BIG deal; they need space even if they don’t realize it. Smothering someone with love and affection is good, but, living with them and constantly doing it without letting them breath is going to be a problem. Make sure to spend ample, healthy time enjoying each other’s company, but know that you have to do your own thing as well and so do they.

If you decide that you and your partner are moving in together, it’ll definitely be a big step in both of your lives but hey, congratulations! Hopefully everything will go well and you enjoy experience. Remember these tips and try to defuse issues before they become too big. Relationships are all about communication and when you’re living with someone, communication is the biggest deciding factor to whether or not it will work out. If you’re having trouble in your relationship consider booking a date coaching session with me!


By sitcadmin | June 20, 2018
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