One Of The Most Important Dating Questions You Should Be Asking


The more we date, the more we begin to learn and reflect on the characteristics we want in a partner and out of a relationship. Some characteristics are unique to your own personal needs and desires. However, there are universal characteristics that are essential to the upmost success in relationships.

When you’re dating someone, one of the best dating tips I can give you is to ask this dating question about them;

Are they consistent?

Consistency means that you know you can rely on them to be there through thick and thin. You’re not constantly walking on eggshells wondering if they will leave you, you know where you stand. Their actions mirror their words and you know you can trust them.

Someone who tells you how much they like you and wants to get to know you but never asks anything about you, is not consistent.

Someone who say’s they’re ready for a relationship but never makes time for you or let’s you into their life, is not consistent.

As relationships evolve you begin to develop consistency. That is not to say there wont be a few bumps on the road and life and circumstances happen, but generally speaking, you should be developing a rapport with your partner/date that proves their consistency to you.

As you move toward a long-term committed relationship you want to make sure you ask yourself the following consistency dating questions about your partner/date. A “No” to any of these questions could mean that they are not consistent.

1. Do they follow through on their word?

2. Do their actions match their words?

3. Are they truly there for you even through the rough moments?

4. Do you trust that they will be there for you?

5. Do you know what to expect from them?

6. Do you know where you stand with them?

If you answered “No” to any of these dating questions, I would empower you to explore deeper into this relationship. Do you feel comfortable talking to your partner/date about where you stand and what your needs and wants are out of the relationship yet?

Sometimes it really just comes down to communication and expressing what you need from them. The right person will rise to the occasion and you will not be questioning their level of consistency.

Someone who is truly “in” is going to demonstrate consistency for you, no question.


By sitcadmin | June 26, 2015
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