Quick Tips for Online Dating

Whether you’ve been swiping for a while or you’re new to the online dating scene it can be frustrating when you aren’t making progress. I’m sharing some of my quick tips for online dating here to help you get yourself out there and I have lots more where that came from; I’ve just released my guide to online dating to help you during your search. This ebook will help you get set up so your profile attracts attention and gets likes, learn how to message and connect with new people online, and avoid wasting time on people who aren’t fully in it.

Quick tips for online dating

Quick tips for choosing your profile pictures:

  • Regularly update your profile photos, especially if you’ve undergone any physical change – let everyone see what you look like now.
  • Let your photos tell the story of who you are. Include a selection of headshots and action shots that highlight you and your interests.
  • Can’t decide? Ask a friend to help you choose the right shots.
  • Steer clear of filters. Make sure that your photos show the real YOU!

Quick tips for writing your profile

  • Keep it short and sweet. Share enough to capture their attention but don’t write a novel – give them a reason to want to know more!
  • Focus on what makes you unique. Share information that will highlight your personality and interests.
  • Use descriptive words and ask friends to share how they would describe you.
  • Be positive and honest about who you are and what you’re really looking for.

Red flags to look out for

  • They won’t hop on a video call (or even a phone call) after you’ve been talking for a while.
  • They keep making excuses every time you try to plan to meet up.
  • They only talk about themselves and don’t try to get to know you.
  • Your gut is telling you something. If you have a bad feeling, there’s probably a reason behind it.

I hope these quick tips for online dating help you as you swipe! Ready to be even more successful at online dating? Pick up your copy of Laura Bilotta’s Guide to Online Dating today – act quick, it’s only $5 for a limited time! Inside, you’ll find tips on choosing the right app for you, standing out, writing your profile, online photos, messaging, and more.

Want a more personalized approach to your online dating life? Discover our Dating Overhaul Date Coaching package and give your online profile a boost!

By sitcadmin | March 15, 2021
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