Save Your Relationship; It’s Worth Fighting For!

Last week on The Dating and Relationship Show, I got to sit down with life solutions coach, Priya Ali from Start Living 365 to discuss reasons why you should stay and try to save your relationship!

I’m not sure where we went wrong but I’ve realized that in today’s world, so many of us are too quick to throw in the towel and give up on our relationships or marriages when things get hard. It’s almost rare to find couples who have accepted one another and their flaws and understand that relationships aren’t always going to be easy. The intimate and romantic relationship you share with your partner is one of the most important relationships you’ll have with someone and anything that holds such importance and high value is going to take work to maintain. On the show, Priya discussed why she identifies as a life solutions coach because rather than hearing about your problems, she’s more interested in finding the solution! Priya focuses her business on helping others who struggle with the issues many of us seem to be dealing with when we want to give up. Start Living 365 is all about trying to save your relationship between your partner and yourself!

Priya’s found that through the standard relationship counseling method where you and your partner come in for one hour a week to discuss the problems you’re both dealing with, it becomes almost impossible to save your relationship. What happens is you and your partner get about half an hour to talk about your issues and before you know it, your time is up and practically nothing is resolved until you must recap the same issue once again in the upcoming week. Priya decided to go outside the norm of common relationship counseling and practice what she calls her “Relationship Rescue” program. The program is conducted within a two and a half day period where Priya comes into your home and assesses how you and your partner interact with one another head on. By the end of the day, once she has a clear understanding of where the root of the problems within your relationship lie, she leaves the couple with homework. Usually Priya will conduct the program over a weekend and by the end of it, most couples have a better idea of whether or not the relationship is salvageable or not.

Sandra, Laura Bilotta and Priya Ali

How will you save your relationship if you’re too busy spreading hate over love?

In the midst of a relationship crumbling, it’s common to see couples immediately jump into defense mode and play the “blame game”. It can be so easy to point out or highlight what your partner is doing wrong before even trying to identify what you may be doing wrong and what you can do to resolve your issues. Priya explains, before weighing out the pros and cons of staying in your relationship and ending it to find someone better you must look at the common denominator between your current relationship and the one you’re getting into; the common denominator is YOU. Until you look from within, you need to think about what choices you’ve made that led you to become unhappy. Have you made changes around that? The key to making your partner want to save your relationship as badly as you do is to start with yourself and what you can do. Everyone can recognize effort when they see it and to see change you must lead by example first!

Healthy relationships are all about having a balance of giving to one another and compromising! Before calling it quits, ensure that you and your partner have genuinely both tried to come to a place of peace and reconciliation. If you’re interested on working on yourself check out Single in the City’s Date Coaching Service.

Until then, keep fighting for what’s yours and tune into last week’s episode with Priya Ali at AM640 online!

Ciao for now!

By sitcadmin | August 2, 2017
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