Sex, Cannabis, and Relationships

With Valentine’s Day around the corner Canndora, the high-end cannabis accessories company, invited me to chat with them about how cannabis can affect sex and relationships. Cannabis and sex can go hand in hand but it can also cause friction in a relationship. Here’s what Canndora wrote about our chat on the good and bad of Cannabis and relationships;

The Good

Helps You Connect

cannabis and sexCannabis is a social drug, it can make you feel relaxed and chatty, which is perfect for a valentine’s date. Valentine’s Day gets over hyped a lot; it can make people nervous and set unrealistic expectations for the evening. It would benefit everyone to just take a step back, calm down and enjoy spending time with each other, and cannabis can definitely help facilitate that. A tip the Laura shared about dates is that you never want to wear a brand new outfit on a date, you need to take it for a little test drive just to ensure you’re going to be comfortable and confident. It many ways cannabis is the same, if you don’t normally consume a certain way or have a particular strain then take it out for a little test drive before you commit to it for your Valentine’s Day Date.

Makes You Feel Sexy

Using cannabis can relax you, and being relaxed it the first step to feeling sexy. Being too in your head is one of the top things preventing women from having orgasms, and if there’s one thing you deserve this cannabis and sexValentine’s Day, it’s a happy ending. One thing that can be a buzzkill though? Smelling like you just came out of the basement in That 70’s Show. If you want to elevate your scent to something a little more elegant try Milkweed’s Post Sesh Scent #1.

Makes Sex Better

Cannabis Lube may be one of the best things someone’s ever thought of. Lube in general is a gal’s best friend and what better thing to add than cannabis?! While you can’t purchase cannabis lube yet in Canada you can make your own with our DIY Cannabis Lube Recipe! Bad sex isn’t just about sex, it radiates out and effects other areas of your relationship, so satisfying sex is important to a healthy relationship.

The Problematic

You and Your Partner Don’t See Eye to Eye

If you enjoy cannabis but your partner doesn’t it can cause friction in your relationship. It really comes down to open communication with your partner. Talk about why you like it and why they don’t, discuss when consuming works for your lifestyle and when you should hold off. If smell is part of the issue then consider alternative consumption methods like edibles or vaping.

You Use it as a Way to Escape

Cannabis can be great but just like any other substance it can be abused. Laura has discussed the issue of cannabis and sexescapism on The Dating and Relationship Show With Laura Bilotta a lot. If you find that you’re using Cannabis to ‘check out’ of your life or relationship than that’s not healthy for you or your partner.

Sexual Complications

Cannabis can do wonders for a woman’s sex life but it has the potential to make things a little tricky for men. If your man is an avid cannabis user and you find he’s having some trouble in the bedroom have him stop using cannabis for a few weeks and see if things change.


Now we all know that the stereotypical lazy stoner isn’t really what most of us are like, but we’ve all had the experience of having a bit to much and then ending up basically comatose on the couch all evening. Having this happen once in a while is no big deal but if you find it keeps happening and you’re missing important things like date night then you need to be a little more careful about your dosing.

Keep in mind when you’re deciding on incorporating cannabis into your Valentine’s Day a lot of cannabis effects are dependent on strain as well as your own body’s unique chemistry. If you’re looking for specific effects it’s best to do some research before you light up. For a list of strains perfect for Valentine’s Day check out the Canndora for inviting me to talk with them. Are you interested in hearing more about sex, dating, relationships and cannabis? Let me know in the comments! If you’re single in the GTA and are looking for someone who shares your cannabis enthusiasm check out my Cannabis Lovers Speed Dating Event.

By sitcadmin | February 14, 2019
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