Signs You’re Clingy, Not Just Affectionate

Being in a relationship is awesome, especially when it’s fresh, but sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re driving the person you’re dating crazy with all of the affection you shower them with. You may think that you’re just being loving, but you could be pushing them over the edge. Here are some ways you can tell if you need to tone down the love.

Signs you’re clingy, not just affectionate:

  1. They’re brushing you off when you touch them

You’re literally clinging off them and it’s driving them crazy. If you’re pawing at your partner and they’re shrugging you off it’s a sign you need to take a step back and give them some personal space

  1. man being clingy texting his girlfriendYou’re getting one word messages back

Texting 24/7 isn’t always a good thing, if you’re texting your s/o all day and you notice their answers getting thin it’s time to take a little text break and focus on your day, they’re still going to be there in an hour or two, don’t worry!

  1. You’re being nosy

If you notice yourself trying to look over your partner’s shoulder at their phone or looking at the tabs they have open on their computer you should think about what you’re doing. Even if you’re just genuinely curious about what they’re doing rather than looking for dirt you should respect their privacy, if they want to share what they’re doing they’ll tell you.

  1. You obsess over when they’ll call you

You are always obsessing about when your partner is going to call or text you, it consumes your entire day and when you don’t hear back by a certain time you freak out or assume the worst is happening. Caring about your partner’s safety is one thing but it can quickly go too far. Chances are they didn’t call you back because their phone died or they got caught up in a meeting, don’t automatically go into clingy freak-out mode when you don’t hear from them at the time you were expecting.

  1. You only want them to hang out with you

woman being clingyYou get mad when they have a life outside of you; you drop your friends, lose your own interest and expect to spend every possible moment with them. It’s easy to get absorbed in a relationship but if you only hang out with each other all the time it will get boring very fast, or you’ll just start snapping at each other, which isn’t fun for either of you. Do new things together but keep your old hobbies as well, and don’t lash out at your partner when they do the same.

I always say it’s important you know you and your partner’s love language so you can give each other what you need. A love language is what one wants and needs in order to feel love from a relationship. Physical touch is one of the five love languages, people like this need and want touch out of a relationship. If one person is touchy feely and the other isn’t they both need to compromise a little in order for them both to be satisfied. When you’re looking for the right one for you, if you find someone with the same love language as you then you will naturally do for each other what you need the most, making this a win-win for both of you. Just because you don’t have the same love language as your partner doesn’t mean you’re doomed, you both just need to be more mindful of how you express your love. Want to chat with me about dating and relationships? Book a date coaching session today!

By sitcadmin | October 25, 2017
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