Spring Fever …Fact or Fiction

For centuries there has been a noted amorphous phenomenon that bestows itself onto its victims with symptoms such as increased heart rate, restlessness, daydreaming and a sense of forlornness. This “disease” afflicts its’ hosts during the months of April and May and is commonly referred to as Spring Fever.

Is this a fact?  Do we really become more adventurous, sexually active and have an innate desire to get out more and socialize? Or is this merely fiction; an old wives tale or the imagination of a lovelorn poet?

Well…according to the experts, “Spring Fever” is definitely a fact.  Furthermore…statistics reveal that this ‘affliction’ is even more prominent in the northern latitudinal areas of the United States and Canada! Welcome to the great white north, eh?

Now experts say that spring fever is not merely a state of mind, but that there is a drastic adjustment in our internal composition meaning our hormones run amok and our bodies go through chemical transformations, to go along with the change in season.  The spring equinox seems to be the turning point and it is then that the shift seems to happen.  The population as a whole according to Dr. Michael Terman, the director of the Light Therapy Unit at the New York State Psychiatric Institute at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in Manhattan, begins to note an increased level of energy, a reduction of sleep, less consumption of food and a relief in depression.

A sensible justification for this occurrence can perhaps be explained that humans unconsciously react to seasonal changes.  Some animals hibernate in the winter, which humans, also creatures of nature, tend to do as well.

Hmmmm…sounds  like a good excuse to get out there and behave like rabbits!

Something that seemed to be a common theme regarding the spring season, along with the ‘fever’, was spring cleaning.  Now let us ponder this for a moment…this does not need to solely apply to our closets and basements.  Why not incorporate this idea into our unhealthy relationships, old pent up feelings, jealousy…you name it…things that could use a good polish and a garage sale?   Perhaps it is time for a little dusting and some fresh new ‘items’ to be brought in.  Ones that add that bit of sunshine like a fresh bunch of daisies!  Open up the windows and let the breeze in…open up the sun roof and let your hair down…spring has sprung – embrace what is scientifically proven to be happening!

Clamber out of hibernation, get outside, get active, rejuvenate and shed your winter blues.  Remember, spring is a short lived season. Enjoy it to the maximum and remember patio season is just around the corner!

As Robin Williams once said, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, Let’s Party!

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By sitcadmin | April 25, 2013
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