How To Successfully Slide Into Someone’s DM’s

Ever wonder why you send DM’s and get no response? Have you tried countless times to pick someone up this way and have yet to succeed? Well I have some tips that will help you when your sliding into someone’s DM’S!

Let’s face it, guys everywhere are sliding into someone’s DM’s, and whether they get a reaction or not is definitely based on what that DM Says. If it’s done tastefully the chances of getting a response are a lot higher! Also try not to be following just a bunch of hot chicks, because girls aren’t stupid, if they see that, your chances of them responding are very slim.

So how do you slide into someone’s DM’s without seeming like a creep? I have some tips on what to do and what not to do.

Let’s starts with what NOT to Do!

# 1: Don’t ask something that is over thought. Don’t ask deep questions to someone you don’t even know. The chances of a complete stranger sitting there and answering a complex question when they don’t even know you is probably not going to happen.

# 2. Don’t Overdo it on the Emojis. Don’t just send a bunch of hearts, or fire signs or kissy faces. First people don’t have much to respond to that, it’s hard to carry on a conversation with emojis. Secondly, sending hearts and kissy faces is kind of coming on a bit strong, don’t ya think?

# 3: Don’t be the persistent DM’er!! Liking pictures casually or commenting on something that you find interesting is one thing but don’t send DM after DM after DM especially if you aren’t getting a response. Not only is this annoying, it comes off as quite desperate!

#4 Enough with the dick pics guys! No one wants to see that. Not only is it disgusting and disturbing it is also very creepy. Definitely not something you should ever do!!

#5 Don’t just send a DM that says “Hi” or “Hey.” How can you expect a response when you haven’t said anything worth responding to. It’s kind of hard to strike up a conversation when all you have said is hey, or what up. So, if you do want to send a DM make sure it has purpose.

Now let’s talk about what to do when sending a DM

#1. The first thing to do is to follow the person you are looking to talk to. See if they follow you back, if they do, then go ahead and send a DM, if they don’t the likelihood of getting a response from someone who shows no interest in you is not very high. If they do follow you back the chances of them responding are much better.

#2. Watch the creep level! Don’t be thirsty. Say something you think the person will respond to, sending short novels is likely not to get a response. But if you respectfully send a message that is short and to the point, you may have better luck

#3: Dm someone you have mutual friends in common with or someone you have met in passing or at a party. Some people don’t like conversing with someone they don’t know at all. You have a much better chance at getting a shot if you have some mutual contacts, and if you don’t, find something you do have In common and start with that!

I hope this helps when your sliding in to someone’s DMS!

By sitcadmin | February 6, 2020
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