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Ladies, this one’s for you! So, you’ve met a new guy that you think you want to get to know better and things seem to be going pretty well so far… Here comes to hard part though – is he really into you? Well, I think there are a few surefire signs that he’s into you to look out for and I’m sharing them below! Keep in mind, he doesn’t have to be doing all of these things but if he’s interested he should be checking a few of these off!


Signs that he’s into you:

  • He’ll reach out often. Here’s the deal – if he’s into you, he’s going to want to talk to you! If he doesn’t reach out, takes days to reply to messages, or you only hear from him when it’s 2 am, there’s a good chance that he just isn’t that into you.
  • He’ll initiate plans. Continuing from the first one, if he’s into you he’s going to want to see you! If you only see him because you take the time to plan something and he never wants to make plans, you might be looking at more of a friends with benefits situation. If you find that you’re the one who always intiates hang outs, take a step back and see if he steps in to set something up.
  • He’ll ask lots of questions and listen to you. When you’re into someone you want to get to know them better to make sure that you’re compatible. How do you do this? Asking questions and being genuinely interested in the answers. Make sure that he’s putting as much effort into getting to know who you are as you are.
  • He’ll find excuses to touch you. Physical touch is one of the biggest ways that we crave connection. Pay attention to how he acts around you – does he find little ways to touch you? Maybe a brush of the hands while you’re out turns into hand-holding, or he uses watching a movie as an excuse to get a little closer. Physical touch is a great sign that he’s interested – pay attention to his body language when you’re together.
  • He’ll open up to you. In addition to wanting to get to know you better he’ll also want you to know who he is. If he opens up about his life, interests, and future plans it means that he thinks you could become part of his life too and he wants you to understand him.
  • He’ll bring you around his friends. You’ve been seeing each other for a while but you haven’t met his friends yet and if you bring it up he brushes it off with an excuse. If he won’t let you meet his friends, consider this a red flag – any guy who can see you being part of his life will want to see how you fit into it, and meeting his friends is a big part of this. If he won’t bring you around there’s a reason for it.

If he’s hitting some or most of these signs that he’s into you you’re probably on the right track; keep things going and see how they play out! If, on the other hand, he isn’t doing any of these things it might be time to move on. Focus on guys who are willing to put as much effort in as you are – you’re worth it!


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By sitcadmin | May 31, 2021
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