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Dating Tips For Men with Coach Mark Sing

Dating as a guy in today’s social climate is tough.

In acknowledgement of this statement, today’s blog post is dedicated to the guys. I will be going through dating tips for men, different ways you can […]

How to Be Happy and Single

Being single is NOT the worst thing in the world. There, I said it. I know you may be sad, angry or bitter, BUT, those feelings will subside over time. Being single gives you a […]

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Dating Advice is my Passion

Giving singles dating advice is what i’m meant to do
I’ve always had a passion for helping singles in their dating lives and create meaningful and lasting relationships. Since I can remember I’ve been setting up my […]

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Dating as a Feminist – The Real Truth

Dating as a Feminist in 2017
Although we’d like to assume the entire world has caught up with progressive views in social equality, unfortunately, that’s not the case. Although our community of feminists are continuing to […]

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The 10 Best Things About Being Single

There is a stigma that a lot of single people carry around, especially if you’ve been single for a while. Of course a lot of that judgement comes from people who are in relationships and […]

Single And Hating It? Read This Take On Starting A Gratitude Journal

Being single and seemingly alone can be hard at times. It’s easy to get wrapped up in what isn’t happening for us in these moments i.e., “The Relationship,” rather than choosing to be present and […]

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What To Do When You Feel Alone

Being single and dating can feel very lonely at times, especially on special occasions and around holiday time.

Every time you start to feel lonely and sad for yourself about being single, I want you to […]

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