The 4 Keys To A Great Sex Life

Do you over think your next move when having sex? Do you find your sex life dull and monotonous?

A lot of people strive for a great sex life but really miss these 4 keys to taking your sex life to another level.

  1. Be open to trying new things. The missionary position is boring when done over, and over, and over again. You get the point. Being open to trying new positions helps to keep the monotony out of the bedroom. What about introducing toys, role play or cute, sexy outfits? Incorporating new things into the bedroom can be the best way to take your sex life to the next level.
  2. Relax/Be in the moment/Don’t over think it.  Worrying about being the best in bed or what you’re going to do next, really stifles the intimacy quickly. Your partner can instantly tell when you’re not in the moment and in your head. As much as you can, be present. Don’t overthink what you’re doing or what position to do next, go with the flow. Pay attention to your partner’s reactions and use that as a barometer of where to go next.
  3. Be Comfortable In Your Own Body. Being naked in front of another person is not as comfortable for some. The ability to relax during sex is imperative to a great sex life, not only for your partner’s enjoyment, but most of all for yours. Exploring your own body and taking time to ensure you feel good about your body is important. The more comfortable you are with your own body, the better sex life you’re going to have. Try not to worry about what the other person thinks of your body, if you’re in a position to have sex with them, it’s likely a non-issue anyways.
  4. Communicate/Your partner is not a mind reader. Having a great sex life involves communicating what you like and where you like it. The bonus is most people find it even sexier when their partner feels confident enough to tell them what they like! Your partner ultimately wants to please you (if they’re the right one – for selfish lovers, say good-bye). Pleasing you is important. On the same side, feel free to ask your partner what they like. Communication is actually a fun way to start open, sexy dialogue with your partner.
By sitcadmin | August 11, 2015
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