4 Things He Is Telling You When He Disappears

So you’ve gone on a few dates with him and you can’t get enough. Even when you’re not together, he’s texting you. He feels strong and present and REALLY into this.

Then one day…

He disappears.

What to do when he disappears

Maybe you sent a text and what used to be a quick response by him, is returned by…


You think; maybe he’s been in a bad car accident and doesn’t have his phone?

When he disappears after coming on strong it can evoke a feeling of eternal panic that quickly segues into you calling your girlfriends and going every detail of the last time you saw him.

You may be thinking; what did I do wrong? Has he met someone else?

I’ll tell you now, you did nothing wrong!

First of all, when a guy disappears it’s his sh*t, not yours.

It’s OK to follow-up with him once, but if he’s not returning your message, leave it.

In a perfect world, he will reach out to you and communicate with you about what’s going on with him when he’s ready. Sometimes men require some space to deal with their life and emotions. With that being said, men are quite capable of communicating. If a week has gone by and you haven’t heard from him, this is a big sign that you should be moving forward on your own.

So what does it mean when the guy you’re dating disappears?  When he disappears, he’s telling you he’s one or all of the following:

  1. He’s not mature
  2. He’s not ready for a relationship
  3. He doesn’t know how to communicate
  4. He doesn’t care enough about the relationship

*There is consideration of the so called “man cave,” but if he’s not coming out of his man cave within a week, it’s time to start moving forward without him.

Now let’s get some things really clear here.  When he disappears on you it doesn’t mean;

  • You’re not good enough;
  • Some other girl is a better pick than you;
  • You’re not loveable;
  • There’s something wrong with you;
  • You’re not pretty enough;
  • You’re not smart enough.

You’re more than enough.

When he disappears it has nothing to do with you. By him disappearing, you have learned so much about him.

You want a guy who will communicate with you and won’t disappear.

Trust me, he’s out there.

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By sitcadmin | September 30, 2015
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