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Find a great match through a Toronto Introduction Service.

You may be a CEO making million dollar decisions everyday, but some of the smartest people in the world make really bad decisions when it comes to their love life.  That’s because those decisions are not made with the brain.  Laura Bilotta gets this.  As a Matchmaker Extraordinaire at Single in the City‘s Toronto Introduction Service, she knows what to look for, but of course it’s a two-way street.  You have to put in the effort too.

Other Introduction services can run anywhere between $2000 – $20,000 for your search for a soul-mate, and that comes with no guarantees!

Laura believes that not only does the high cost of other Introduction Services turn love seeking singles off, but it also puts pressure on the them to ‘hurry up and pick somebody’ so they don’t go broke, that added stress is a lousy way to start a relationship.

At we have a lifetime membership fee of only $125 and with that you get entry into one of our popular singles events as well as a personal one-on-one consultation with Laura Bilotta.  When Laura meets with you, she’ll not only take in what you say, she’ll take in what you don’t say.  Sometimes that speaks louder!

With the financial pressure off, you can relax knowing that your devoted Matchmaker has your back!

Here are some of the benefits of working with a personal Introduction Service like Single in the City.

 Personalized Service
 Free Dating Advice
 Cost Effective & Low Risk
 Reliability
 Quality Matches – Laura will only set you up with people she feels you will be compatible with.

Chemistry makes the connection

The best matchmaker in the world can get very close to finding that special someone for you, but they can’t guarantee chemistry, that only happens when you meet face to face. And remember, matchmaking is a 2-way street. That person you are looking for has to also be looking for you.

If you’re not ready for prime time; you might want to try Speed dating.  This can be an excellent way to put yourself out there.  Everybody knows the drill, so nobody feels rejected.  You like someone, you tick off the YES box, if not, you tick off the NO box, Single in the City will take it from there. Because you get entry into a speed dating event with your lifetime Introduction Service membership fee of $125, you have nothing to lose! That fear of rejection is eliminated; nobody knows each other’s answer, and you’ve put yourself out there. That’s a huge step! If you don’t make a connection the first time you try speed dating; with Single in the City,  it’s still a fun night out, and who couldn’t use one of those?

It’s all in the Numbers

There are 14 million singles in Canada.  Last year, 52% of Canadians made New Year’s resolutions to fall in love. With those numbers you can be sure there is someone out there for you! 25% of all Canadians have tried online dating, and that’s no surprise; statistics show Canadians use online dating services more than the USA, France, the UK and Germany.  We are eternal optimists – and that’s a good thing!

Unfortunately, despite those numbers, by Valentine’s most people had given up on their New Year resolution.  Online dating isn’t for everyone.

Keep that resolution in 2016!

Laura Bilotta knew there was a better way to connect potential soul mates.  She also knew that dating services could and should be fun and affordable, and that’s what drives

So if you’re one of those people who resolved to make this the year you fall in love, don’t give up on that resolution, with a little help from an experienced Toronto Introduction Service it can happen!!

Join our one-on-one Matchmaking Service with Laura Bilotta – You’ll be glad you did!

By sitcadmin | February 4, 2016
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