3 Types of Women To Avoid: Are You Dating One?

Whether you’re in relationship or are looking for one, knowing what types of women to avoid may be a good idea. Below is my list of the top 3 types of women to avoid:

1) The Clingy type:types of women to avoid This type of woman will show exorbitant amounts of love and affection while trying to spend every living moment with you be it through being together, phone, text or any other form of communication. In addition to this, this type of woman will also be very over-protective and wonder where you are, who you are with and what you are doing. This probably wouldn’t bother most people for a little while, but, if you are looking for a serious relationship clingy women are women to avoid because they’ll get irritating and annoying fast.

2) Gold Digger: this type of woman may look stunning and be sweet, but, they will also destroy your credit card. Make sure that the woman you are with enjoys being with you and not your money. True colours will surface when they expect you to pay for everything from credit card bills to cars.

3) Excessively High Maintenance: The term high maintenance can apply both to physical and emotional aspects. A person may be high maintenance if they require a lot of time and products to keep their appearance, love expensive things and expects them as a minimum. A person may also be high maintenance if they require a lot of attention from their partner in a relationship. Being high maintenance to an extent can be a good attribute, but, women who obsesses over it should be avoided unless you are in for all the trouble associated with it.

Of course these types of women to avoid are only my suggestions, you may have a different opinion and i’d love to hear it in the comments. We learn by living. Remember that every woman you meet is going to be different and that finding the right one to enter a serious relationship can, and probably will be a lot of work. Dating is a numbers game so work those numbers! Why not join my low risk and affordable Matchmaking Service and increase the odds of a worthwhile match! Stay smart, keep your eyes open and always look for telltale warning signs before it’s too late!

By sitcadmin | August 28, 2018
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