Why Walking Dates Are the Perfect First Date

Ready to date but not sure what to do during the pandemic? Walking dates have seen a surge in popularity in the past year and they aren’t going anywhere any time soon! Read on to learn about why walking dates are perfect for right now and why they might become your new favourite first date activity moving forward!

Why are walking dates the perfect first date?

  • Walking during a date gets you moving + your blood pumping, which produces endorphins. Endorphins boost your mood and feeling good can help the date get off to a great start.
  • Walking and being outside in nature puts you in a positive mindset. This enhances your overall mood and the way you might feel about someone.
  • It’s an easy date to plan and takes the pressure off of finding a cool spot that you’ll both enjoy.
  • It’s an inexpensive date that can cost nothing! If you want to, you can pick up a coffee or hot chocolate to bring along, which won’t cost you more than a few dollars!
  • It takes the pressure off of someone who is shy or anxious about dating. With less constant eye contact and the feeling that you need to always be talking removed, they’ll feel more at ease.
  • It leads to more organic conversation and comfortable silences are fine! You’ll find lots of conversation starters and topics along the way.
  • You can choose your setting – pick a more romantic spot if you want!
  • If you’re at a level of comfort where touching is okay, you can encourage physical flirting with hand holding or arm linking.
  • If you’re not feeling the date, it’s easy to end things after since there aren’t options for places to go afterwards.

How do walking dates change the dynamic from typical face-to-face drinks?

  • You have an opportunity to get to know them in a more casual setting. When you remove the feeling that you need to dress to impress and put on the best version of yourself, you get a better idea of how you both are in everyday life. Less formal = more casual and comfortable!
  • Not having constant direct eye contact makes it easier to talk – this helps if you’re feeling nervous
  • It doesn’t involve alcohol, so it gives you a clearer picture of the date. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and gives everything a bit of a happy glow which can change the way you see the date.
  • Dinner and/or drinks adds more pressure – what should I eat, I don’t want to embarrass myself or say something stupid, who is going to pay? – none of that matters
  • Distractions from other people are removed so you can focus on each other
  • If you’re not feeling the other person, it helps to remove some of the tension from being stuck in one place

If you’re ready to go on some walking dates, there are a few things you might want to think about before heading out. Here are some of my suggestions to make your date one that both of you enjoy!

Ground rules for walking dates

  • Keep your distance and set your boundaries, especially if you’re meeting for the first time. Don’t let someone into your space unless your comfortable.
  • Respect the other person’s boundaries and be courteous.
  • If things are progressing well and you’re ready to get more physical, you can suggest a COVID test for both of you.
  • Pick a public setting where you can feel safe. Walk along a main road or choose a park where you know other people will be walking, and choose a time during the day while the sun’s out.
  • Make sure you both get time to talk and ask them questions to get to know them better.
  • If you’re not interested, let them down gently but don’t ghost or lead them on. They’re taking a little risk by meeting up with you right now.

Have you been going on any walking dates? What do you think?

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By sitcadmin | January 19, 2021
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