What to Wear on a First Date: Dress to Impress

People always ask me what to wear on a first date.

When meeting up with a new match for the first time you only have one chance to make a first impression, so make it count. Today I’m sharing my top tips for what to wear on a first date – time to dress to impress!

First off, make sure you wear something that you’re comfortable in and that it fits properly. You don’t want to wear clothes that are too baggy or too tight- pick items that fit you and are flattering. Think about the image you want to give and try not too dress too casually; I would suggest no ripped jeans or ball caps on a first date.

Next, get a second opinion! If you’re still unsure of how to dress or what looks good, get someone else to take a look at your outfit. Ask a friend or a coworker about what they think, someone who you know will give you an honest assessment. If you have no clue what to wear you can also hit up a clothing store or department store where a clerk can help you. They’re knowledgeable in what’s trendy and are there to help you find something that’s perfect for you.

What to wear on a first date for women

So, ladies, let’s start with you. You can’t go wrong with a nice dress but if you want to keep things a little more casual, go for a blouse or a nice top or sweater and a well-fitting pair of jeans. Pair this with a long or short trench and some heels and jewellery.

Also, men are known to be attracted to the colour red, so you can’t go wrong with grabbing something with a pop of red to wear out of your closet! Unsure if this works? Give it a try and see what happens!

What to wear on a first date for men

Now for the men! Stick with clothing in dark or neutral colours; this will keep you looking sophisticated and grounded.

A nice pair of dark jeans can go nicely with a dress shirt, light sweater or even collared short-sleeved top. Throw on a sports jacket over top to complete the look. And tuck in your shirt and make sure it’s not covered in wrinkles!

Shoes are also important –  ladies always notice a man’s footwear. If you are unsure about the right style to wear with an outfit, go to a shoe store and have someone help you.

There you have it – my top tips for how to dress on a first date! I hope this helps when you can’t decide what to wear before going on a date!

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By sitcadmin | October 28, 2020
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