Why Online Dating Could Be Delaying You From Finding A Partner

Do you struggle with online dating? Are you stuck in a pattern of only going on first dates? Are you always looking for the “next best thing”?

If any of these questions resonated with you, you may be experiencing the “Paradox of Choice.”

For those who have not heard about the paradox of choice, Psychologist, Barry Schwartz launched this concept in a 2005 Ted Talk. The paradox of choice was created as a result of western industrial societies pursuit to maximize individual freedom. Embedded in this pursuit, is the belief that the way to maximize freedom is through more choice and through more choice, is more freedom. Choice essentially means FREEDOM! Schwartz talks about the negative affects of too much choice as a result of this pursuit for freedom.

Schwartz’s paradox of choice says that too many choices can result in:

1. Paralysis.

People find it difficult to choose at all with too much choice. As a result, people become overwhelmed and therefore can’t or don’t end up making a choice.

2. Low satisfaction and escalation of expectations.

Even if you’re able to over come the paralysis of choice, you ultimately end up less satisfied. The more options you have, the easier it is to imagine that you could have made a choice that was even better! If you can image there being an alternative to your choice, it results in feelings of regret, which subtracts from your overall feelings of satisfaction.

Online dating can be a breeding ground for overage of choice. It’s hard to make a choice if you feel you may be missing an opportunity with someone else. Even when a choice is made, it creates escalation of expectations. Despite the choice appearing to be great, it evokes thoughts of, “could I have done even better?” The anticipated regret leaves you with feelings of being less satisfied. This is where sifting through online profiles can become addictive for some.

What if there was a way to overcome overage of choice? Why not have someone take the guessing work out for you and help you find the partner of your dreams?

As a Matchmaker, I am dedicated to providing you the best dating experience and hopefully the perfect match!

Once we find you a potential match, we share with you relevant information about the person such as physical and personal description and why we chose this person for you. All you have to do is CHOOSE to accept the date. If you don’t choose to accept the date, we certainly get immediately back to work for you!

Hiring a Matchmaker provides an opportunity for an objective expert to match you with someone with the highest level of compatibility for you. No effort on your part is needed, except to accept the date and show up!

Don’t let online dating and the paradox of choice overwhelm you, hiring a Matchmaker takes all questioning and over analyzing out of the equation and leaves you with the utmost best possible choice out there!


By sitcadmin | July 6, 2015
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