You’re Not Going To Like This Break Up Advice – But It 100% Works

I’m not going to sugar coat it, break ups can hurt like hell. Your world may appear like it’s falling apart or you may even feel like someone died!

Break ups can bring about feelings of depression, low self-worth, anxiety, anger, longing and desperation. To top it off, add social media into the mix and you’re now orienting a war zone of interpretation and misinformation.

Is that his new girl? She hasn’t posted in a day, has she met someone? He is going out for the night, what if he meets someone? Did she ever really care about me?

No one is here to say that break ups are easy. What I’m here to tell you is, there’s an easier way to orient the grief that comes about from a break up and that is combatting against your ex’s social media reel.

You may not like what I am about to propose, but trust me, it 100% works to help you regain your equilibrium while immersed in break-up hell!

The best piece of break up advice I can give you is:


Now before you freak out about this break up advice, let’s think about this here.

Do you really want to be in the loop on your ex’s newest date or how much fun they “appear” to be having in the midst of your break-up? Even if you think you know what is going on in their life, you never really know for sure with social media, unless you ask your ex straight. You won’t know if they’re posting photos for you to think they’re over you, or because they actually are. But does it really matter?

Stalking your ex’s social media is a lose-lose situation. It keeps you stuck in the past and not moving in the new direction you’re clearly being encouraged to embrace.

Worse, having your ex on your social media may provoke you to start posting hastily about how “super great” your life is going, way out of the norm of what you normally would. Words of advice, these actions are transparent. By you over posting about how great your life is after your ex, is only telling them, you’re posting for them, not you.

GET BUSY, focus on your own life. When you’re not looking at their social media and not over posting on your own to prove a point to them, naturally they begin to wonder about you.

Social media is so interpretive, drawing assumptions based on social media during and after a break-up can evoke feelings of intense anxiety. Deleting your ex off social media provides you room to breath and a chance to detach a bit from their world.

Trust me, take my break up advice and if they want you back in your life, no amount of social media deleting is going to keep them away.


By sitcadmin | July 2, 2015
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