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Does your Zodiac Sign play an effect in your relationship?

Astrology is a topic that has always peaked my interest, firstly, because I don’t quite understand
it and secondly because I want to know more, I want to know how astrology effects all relationships,
love and friendship. I believe each zodiac sign carries different personality traits. I would like to look at
the different characteristics of each sign. If this is of interest to you, after reading this blog leave a
comment below and I will write a follow up, touching on the compatibility of each sign, but for today I’d
just like to take a closer look at each of the personality traits found within each sign.

The 4 Zodiac Sign Elements

Each zodiac sign is connected to an element, either fire, water, earth or air. To make this an
easier read I will group the signs that belong to each category and from there I will break down the
individual characteristics of each zodiac sign. Let’s get started!

We will begin with the fire signs. The three fire signs of the Zodiac are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
As you all know fire is hot and can keep you warm but can also cause great destruction. The signs that
fall under this category can generally be temperamental, extremely passionate and energetic. Now that
being said, each Zodiac that falls under the fire signs still do carry different personality traits. Firstly,
Aries is the head of the zodiac, this sign can often be misunderstood. Aries tend to bring excitement
whereever they go. They are a natural born leader, intelligent, optimistic and very generous. However,
an Aries is also known to be extremely impatient, they don’t like to be told what to do or how to do it
and they often start projects without finishing them! When it comes to love, an Aries can be hot and full
of passion but trying to control an Aries will be a battle you may never win! The second fire sign we are
looking at is Leo. Leo is represented by the Lion, it is also a fire sign ruled by the sun. A Leo is never dull,
they are extremely passionate, sincere, loving, inspirational, love to be admired and are extremely hard
working. Nevertheless, a Leo can be stubborn, impatient like their fellow Aries sign, and can often come
off as arrogant or self centered. When it comes to love, a Leo can be very romantic, passionate and do
not like to be taken for granted. They can also become jealous and if ignored they may stray due to a
lack of appreciation they feel. The last fire sign is Sagittarius, known to push their limits mentally,
physically and emotionally. A Sagittarius is known to be optimistic, energetic and of all the signs are
known to travel and explore the world the most! They are generally known to be loving, honest, athletic,
intelligent and are quite honorable at the end of the day. Of course, every sign has a downfall and
Sagittarius can sometimes seem careless, not worrying of others opinions and views and can come off as
shallow. When it comes to love Sagittarius are very independent and don’t like to feel they are being
held back but if they feel they are growing in the relationship they can be a very dependable mate!

Moving along to the Water signs. The three water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Water
signs are very open and nurturing and tend to take on the feelings of others. We will start with Cancer.
Those born under the cancer sign are often known to have a psychic ability, they can feel when
something isn’t right or when something is going to happen. They are often very loving, compassionate,
protective, strong willed and determined. They are also known to be extremely moody, doubtful and
suspicious (due to their natural psychic ability). When it comes to love, Cancers are faithful and know
how to give, they just need to be open minded when it comes to receiving! Now to Scorpios, Scorpios
are also loyal like cancer, they are extremely strong willed, passionate and are known to be instinctive,
their instincts are generally very accurate. On the negative side, Scorpios can be jealous, secretive,
stubborn and can appear very demanding. In a relationship, Scorpios often have a hard time letting
people get too close with them, they have a hard time opening up, but when they do you will find they
are extremely loyal and can love harder then almost any of the signs due to the power of a Scorpios
feelings. The last water sign is Pisces, known for being a sincere friend to everyone that crosses their
paths. Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac and are known to bring love, harmony and understanding to
others. On the other hand, Pisces usually have low self esteem and can be offended quite easily. They
also tend to be rather pessimistic especially when things don’t go as planned. In a love relationship
Pisces are known to be romantics, they are not into material things and they strongly believe in their
partner however they tend to be over sensitive and the slightest sign of disarray can send them into a
doubtful state of mind.

Falling under the Earth signs include, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. These signs are known to be
practical, dependable and are usually quite prepared for anything thrown their way. Starting with
Capricorns, they are most often found to be great team leaders because of how strongminded they are.
They are wise, hardworking, have a great sense of humour and are quite reliable. On the negative side,
someone who falls under the Capricorn sign can be self conscious, pessimistic, self centered and at
times appear very demanding. In a love relationship, it will not be a crazy wild love affair however you
can guarantee they will keep you laughing, and they usually know best! Those who fall under the Taurus
sign are practical in all they do, are generally good with finances, are reliable and are also very patient!
They do however have a hard time changing the way they think, if they have made up their mind then
they are sure their opinion is the only right one. In a relationship with a Taurus you will find they are
very loyal but not the best at showing affection. They can also become controlling in a relationship and
show signs of jealousy. Last of the Earth signs is Virgo. Those who fall under this zodiac sign are often
very sensible, they are almost like the realists of the world. They are extremely level headed, hard
working, determined and intelligent. This unfortunately can cause them to be very judgmental,
worrisome and come across as harsh. In a love relationship with this sign you will find they are very loyal
and dependable and devoted. The negative side of being in a relationship with a Virgo is they may
become vey critical of their partner and often shows signs of jealousy which causes them to appear

The last group of zodiac signs is the Air signs. Falling under this category is Gemini, Libra and
Aquarius. The air signs love to over analyze, are very intelligent thinkers and are all about
communication. Starting with Gemini, you can expect a Gemini to be witty, intellectual, enthusiastic and
is everyone’s friend. Although they are very intellectual, they do find it hard to stay focused, so this
often makes them come across as superficial. In a relationship with this zodiac sign you will find they are
not the best of listeners, they won’t tell you their plans, and security is of no interest to them but when
loved properly they will grow an extreme bond with their partner. Those born under the zodiac sign
Libras are often easy going, committed, fair and are very balanced, wanting to please everyone around
them. The negative side of Libras is that they tend to be lazy, tend to bend the truth if it benefits them,
can have a high sense of self indulgence and can be extremely indecisive. In a love relationship with this
sign you will find they are always looking for advice and knowledge from their partner. They take all
advice seriously but if they find themselves getting bored it won’t be long until they have left your side.
They need to stay intellectually stimulated with their partner. The last of the Air signs is Aquarius.
Aquarius are extreme thinkers, they have a million ideas, are honest, loyal and very tolerant. Although
this sign is very intelligent, they often have problem taking criticism and can come off as cranky and
hypocritical. If you are in a relationship with an Aquarius it may seem like their friends are more
important, almost as if they are detached. They will stand by your side regardless of what others say and
if they do commit, they still need their own space to be themselves.

Now we have covered all the zodiac signs and their personality traits. If you would like me to do
a follow up on love compatibility between the signs feel free to comment below, also let me know your
sign! I would like to know what signs are interested in knowing more on love and astrology. That’s all for

By sitcadmin | January 10, 2019
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