Pros and Cons of Being Single

At Single in the City we provide the best possible atmosphere and environment for singles to strive and enjoy themselves and the company of others. We make it easy, engaging and fun to mingle with others. Now, being single must sound awesome, right? Well, it can have its upsides and some negatives as well. Here are some of the pros and cons of being single:

The Positives of Being Single

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+ You are free to do whatever you want, whenever you want with whoever you want: this point is true to the effect that you don’t have to feel constrained by a relationship and that you cannot do what you want to do at times.

+ Opportunity to meet more new people: when you’re in a relationship the opportunity to meet new, fun people is still there although you may not be as adventurous or engaging to search for these opportunities when you are in a relationship.

+ Can flirt as much as you would like: if you’re a person that is naturally flirty or likes to flirt this can be a huge issue in a relationship. Being single solves that.

So, it sounds like we are fully fledged about being single, right? Wrong! Being single has its downsides as well:

The Negatives of Being Single

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Have the feeling of being left out if all your friends are in relationships: Feeling left out can be a big issue. Growing to a certain age in your life and seeing all your friends in relationships and getting married can be really, really tough.

Hard being single when you have needs and enjoy being in a relationship: If you’re a person that loves being in a relationship and feel as if you need and enjoy life more while in a relationship then the single life can be torture.

Lack of intimacy and love from someone who cares about you: Although being single you can meet lots of people and gain intimacy like that, nothing compares to the feeling of being in love and having someone who cares for you with all their heart.

Going through both the pros and cons of being single it is your choice whether or not you want to live the single life or get into a relationship. Either way, Single in the City is here to help with all their exciting singles events and affordable Matchmaking Service to help you enjoy the single life or find a great partner to be in a relationship with. Good luck!

Question of the day: Would you rather be single in your life right now or in a relationship? Do you believe that age / the time in life matters when it comes to this question?


By sitcadmin | July 30, 2012
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