Early Relationship Tips | Set Yourself Up for Relationship Success

Isn’t getting into a new relationship fun? The sparks are flying, you’re feeling the compatibility and the chemistry, and you can see bright things ahead! Of course, there are some things you should keep in mind as you explore this new connection. Keep these early relationship tips in mind to get things off to a great start!

Early relationship tips to set yourself up for success

  • In the beginning, give them time and space when they need it; you don’t want to smother them! Make plans to meet up once or twice a week as you ease into things. It’s an exciting time, but rushing into things can lead you to overlook things or not giving yourself enough time to really get to know each other before taking things to the next level.
  • Have fun getting to know each other but remember that you also have a life outside of this! Don’t lose your sense of self; take time to do the things you enjoy and make sure you have personal time.
  • Set boundaries early! If you have emotional triggers or things that you want your potential partner to know about you’ll want to get these out there early on – it’s hard to change habits once they’ve formed!
  • Don’t love bomb them or give the impression that you’re obsessed. This flows in line with giving them space; don’t come on too strong or make them feel uncomfortable with constant affection and validation.
  • Flexibility is key!  Set a date and can’t make it? Suggest an alternative. Flexibility in a relationship will let you better adapt to each other’s lifestyles and will help you to find out how you work together.
  • Meet each other’s friends. This doesn’t have to happen right away, but meeting their friends will give you a better idea of how they act in every day life and what they’re really like when they aren’t “on” for you! You’ll also get to see how you fit into their world.
  • BE YOURSELF! This is one of the most important ones! Don’t put on a show or pretend to be someone else because you think they’ll like it. If you’re hoping for things to progress in the long haul, they’ll want to know the real you; this is who they’ll be spending their time with!

Keep these early relationship tips in mind next time you start getting into something new to make sure things get off on the right foot!

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By sitcadmin | March 2, 2021
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